Binary Partners to Perform at Spectrum in NYC Sep 27, 2013

Binary Partners will open for Thanatos at Spectrum in NYC on September 27, 2013. BP’s first NYC performance is in support of the 20th Anniverysary of Thanatos’ first LP, “This Endless Night Inside.”

It will be the album’s only release show in the Northeast, according to the press release at

In 1993 Projekt Records released the Thanatos recording, “This Endless Night Inside.” Many reviewers at the time were perplexed, as the album “wasn’t goth. It wasn’t ambient. It wasn’t alternative. Most of the reviews simply dealt with the reviewers’ own confusion.” Binary Partners members Joe Wallace and Esmeralda Trujillo can identify with this, as BP offers their listeners much more of the same kind of confusion, albeit without the benefit of guitars–acoustic or otherwise.

Back to Thanatos–on the 20th anniversary of the first album, Thanatos founder Patrick Ogle is playing a few shows to commemorate the release of “This Endless Night Inside.”

Binary Partners is supporting Thanatos with a 40 minute set featuring hand-held, battery powered gear, a theremin, and half a dozen echo boxes and other mayhem-inducing gear. The group’s usual blend of darkly humorous psycho-sexual obsessions and sci-fi/horror sensibilities will be on full display.

You can purchase advance tickets for the Binary Partners and Thanatos show ($10 in advance, $15 at the door) via Brown Paper Tickets.

Spectrum is located at 121 Ludlow St, Second Floor in New York. The show is at 8PM on September 27, 2013.

Thanatos Bio:

Thanatos began as a studio project between Ogle and Sam Rosenthal in the mid 1980s in South Florida. The first release was a cassette. Next, after years of writing and two fairly short recording sessions was This Endless Night Inside. Some of the hidden tracks on Endless Night were from the Thanatos cassette.  In 1995, came the more political and doom-laded, An Embassy to Gaius.

The band then became a live act with Ogle, Eric Polcyn (Godbullies) and the late William Tucker (Ministry, Foetus, Chris Connelly Band). Various drummers also came into the band (including Interpol’s Samuel Fogarino).

There have been four subsequent releases: The Neighbor of the Beast

Binary Partners Bio:

Binary Partners is Esmeralda Trujillo and Joe Wallace. We are sound recordists, field recorders, experimental electronic musicians and experts in mischief of all kinds. We perform live using hand held, battery-operated electronics, theremin, analog synths, and various foreign objects hooked up to echo boxes and contact microphones. Binary Partners is available for performances, art openings, strip club christenings, ritual magick ceremonies and nudist camp barbecues.

Our inspirations include William S. Burroughs, Hunter S.Thompson, Brion Gysin, Genesis P-Orridge, John Cage, Stockhausen, nightmares, Jack Klugman, The Hagakure, Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, bowling, and The Mighty Boosh. We also love Kenneth Anger, biographies about Aleister Crowley and William Burroughs, sushi, and outer space.

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