Binary Partners Track: “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here”

Binary Partners is working on its first full-length album, and there are lots of bits and pieces we feel happy to unleash upon unsuspecting listeners before the official big day. This track is inspired by many things including the Cut-Up Method pioneered by Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs, plus sexual tension, anger, general malaise and thoughts of Genesis P-Orridge in a wedding dress.

Our work in sound is informed by all of the above but also by the general spirit of (not necessarily the methods or sounds of) the early industrial pioneers and electronic music avant garde (used in its French meaning/context, “leading edge” or “advance group”). We are admirers of Stockhausen, Can, John Cage, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Kraftwerk and too many others to name. However, we have developed our own techniques and prefer not to copy those used by others.

That’s not to say we sometimes don’t get similar results. In the same way that Burroughs referred to his painting work as derivative of Brion Gysin’s style, we know there are inevitable comparisons to be made with any number of performers and artists we admire…but our work is done with our own processes and techniques–some of which are still secret to this day. What do ritual sex magick, primal scream therapy, and shameless guffawing subversion of traditional concepts all have in common? Listen and learn.

Here is a preview of one of our most recent studio efforts, still slightly damp and sweaty from “the other room”. This version of the track has been remixed by Paisley Babylon.

Listen to Binary Partners “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here” courtesy of Soundcloud.

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