NSFW Binary Partners Performance Video: “Satan’s Greatest Hits”

At the Binary Partners performance on Saturday December 22, 2012, we ran a long-form experimental video mashup created by DJ Paisley Babylon (AKA Joe Wallace of none other than Binary Partners) called Satan’s Greatest Hits.

For a very limited time, we present portions of that video here for those who were at the show who want to experience the insanity again. This video is NSFW–not safe for work–and should be viewed with caution as impressionable, tiny minds may experience cognitive dissonance. Due to its size we cannot upload the entire hour-long work, but here are some excerpts. More are coming soon.

Satan’s Greatest Hits is a video mashup created for maximum WTF factor. Binary Partners uses imagery like this to shock, annoy and psychologically weaponize its live performances. Narrow-minded betwetters beware!

This video is available for a limited time only–when it is no longer available, the clip will not function properly. Enjoy it while you can!

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