Binary Partners Perform “Holocaust Deniers Committing Suicide”

Binary Partners are at it again, with another dark trek into inner space. If you are interested in or attracted by Coil, Whitehouse, the noisy live performances of Boyd Rice, Throbbing Gristle, Nurse With Wound, or the darker moments of Brian Eno, you’re sure to be just as fascinated by the sinister audio experimentation of Binary Partners.

There is an album in the works that will be released digitally and on a limited-edition vinyl LP. Finishing touches, last-minute tweaks and other work is nearly complete. Stay tuned for more information on the LP and on future live events.

Binary Partners does not so much play live as carry out laboratory experiments on unsuspecting audiences and volunteer test subjects alike. If that interests you recreationally OR professionally, we urge you to continue monitoring this space.

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