Binary Parnters Live in Chicago 1 February 2014

Saturday February 1 at Jerry’s (1938 W. Division Street in Chicago) Binary Partners plays a set featuring Moog, theremin, and the infamous backing video featured so prominently in the Binary Partners debut show. “Satan’s Greatest Hits” is still being talked about–if you missed that show back in 2012, you have the chance to see what all the fuss was about.

Binary Partners will play a lengthy set featuring a theremin run through ten pedals, hand held battery operated electronics, Moog gear and much more. The show also features Ryan Mumby @ the Hundred Year Rain, with AyOh, and the headlining act, Fourtitude.



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BP In 2014

Binary Partners has a busy 2014 lined up. We have two shows, several new releases coming and more. Details to come. This space has been dormant for a while, it’s true, but we are back and active in the new year. Stay tuned.

One last thing: after many discussions and agonizing over what Binary Partners IS, we’ve decided that Chicago Industrial music is the best overall category/pigeonhole there is to describe what we do. We are old-school, early industrial in the same tradition as Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, and many others who followed the left-hand path.

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Binary Partners Music On

Binary Partners has been slowing releasing tracks on and elsewhere…there’s a full-length release in the works that will see the light of day sometime before the holiday season kicks off.

Until then, have a look at this three-track EP from Binary Partners titled, yes, Minimal Wave Barbecue.

BP is scheduling gigs in the Chicago area and beyond, we’ll have some updates on shows coming very soon.

We know this space has been only sporadically updated, but the band has been very busy as of late. We’re getting things up to speed as best we can in the meantime. Thank you very much for your interest and you can keep up with our more recent goings on via our official Binary Partners Facebook page.

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Binary Partners to Perform at Spectrum in NYC Sep 27, 2013

Binary Partners will open for Thanatos at Spectrum in NYC on September 27, 2013. BP’s first NYC performance is in support of the 20th Anniverysary of Thanatos’ first LP, “This Endless Night Inside.”

It will be the album’s only release show in the Northeast, according to the press release at

In 1993 Projekt Records released the Thanatos recording, “This Endless Night Inside.” Many reviewers at the time were perplexed, as the album “wasn’t goth. It wasn’t ambient. It wasn’t alternative. Most of the reviews simply dealt with the reviewers’ own confusion.” Binary Partners members Joe Wallace and Esmeralda Trujillo can identify with this, as BP offers their listeners much more of the same kind of confusion, albeit without the benefit of guitars–acoustic or otherwise.

Back to Thanatos–on the 20th anniversary of the first album, Thanatos founder Patrick Ogle is playing a few shows to commemorate the release of “This Endless Night Inside.”

Binary Partners is supporting Thanatos with a 40 minute set featuring hand-held, battery powered gear, a theremin, and half a dozen echo boxes and other mayhem-inducing gear. The group’s usual blend of darkly humorous psycho-sexual obsessions and sci-fi/horror sensibilities will be on full display.

You can purchase advance tickets for the Binary Partners and Thanatos show ($10 in advance, $15 at the door) via Brown Paper Tickets.

Spectrum is located at 121 Ludlow St, Second Floor in New York. The show is at 8PM on September 27, 2013.

Thanatos Bio:

Thanatos began as a studio project between Ogle and Sam Rosenthal in the mid 1980s in South Florida. The first release was a cassette. Next, after years of writing and two fairly short recording sessions was This Endless Night Inside. Some of the hidden tracks on Endless Night were from the Thanatos cassette.  In 1995, came the more political and doom-laded, An Embassy to Gaius.

The band then became a live act with Ogle, Eric Polcyn (Godbullies) and the late William Tucker (Ministry, Foetus, Chris Connelly Band). Various drummers also came into the band (including Interpol’s Samuel Fogarino).

There have been four subsequent releases: The Neighbor of the Beast

Binary Partners Bio:

Binary Partners is Esmeralda Trujillo and Joe Wallace. We are sound recordists, field recorders, experimental electronic musicians and experts in mischief of all kinds. We perform live using hand held, battery-operated electronics, theremin, analog synths, and various foreign objects hooked up to echo boxes and contact microphones. Binary Partners is available for performances, art openings, strip club christenings, ritual magick ceremonies and nudist camp barbecues.

Our inspirations include William S. Burroughs, Hunter S.Thompson, Brion Gysin, Genesis P-Orridge, John Cage, Stockhausen, nightmares, Jack Klugman, The Hagakure, Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, bowling, and The Mighty Boosh. We also love Kenneth Anger, biographies about Aleister Crowley and William Burroughs, sushi, and outer space.

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Binary Partners Track: “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here”

Binary Partners is working on its first full-length album, and there are lots of bits and pieces we feel happy to unleash upon unsuspecting listeners before the official big day. This track is inspired by many things including the Cut-Up Method pioneered by Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs, plus sexual tension, anger, general malaise and thoughts of Genesis P-Orridge in a wedding dress.

Our work in sound is informed by all of the above but also by the general spirit of (not necessarily the methods or sounds of) the early industrial pioneers and electronic music avant garde (used in its French meaning/context, “leading edge” or “advance group”). We are admirers of Stockhausen, Can, John Cage, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Kraftwerk and too many others to name. However, we have developed our own techniques and prefer not to copy those used by others.

That’s not to say we sometimes don’t get similar results. In the same way that Burroughs referred to his painting work as derivative of Brion Gysin’s style, we know there are inevitable comparisons to be made with any number of performers and artists we admire…but our work is done with our own processes and techniques–some of which are still secret to this day. What do ritual sex magick, primal scream therapy, and shameless guffawing subversion of traditional concepts all have in common? Listen and learn.

Here is a preview of one of our most recent studio efforts, still slightly damp and sweaty from “the other room”. This version of the track has been remixed by Paisley Babylon.

Listen to Binary Partners “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here” courtesy of Soundcloud.

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NSFW Binary Partners Performance Video: “Satan’s Greatest Hits”

At the Binary Partners performance on Saturday December 22, 2012, we ran a long-form experimental video mashup created by DJ Paisley Babylon (AKA Joe Wallace of none other than Binary Partners) called Satan’s Greatest Hits.

For a very limited time, we present portions of that video here for those who were at the show who want to experience the insanity again. This video is NSFW–not safe for work–and should be viewed with caution as impressionable, tiny minds may experience cognitive dissonance. Due to its size we cannot upload the entire hour-long work, but here are some excerpts. More are coming soon.

Satan’s Greatest Hits is a video mashup created for maximum WTF factor. Binary Partners uses imagery like this to shock, annoy and psychologically weaponize its live performances. Narrow-minded betwetters beware!

This video is available for a limited time only–when it is no longer available, the clip will not function properly. Enjoy it while you can!

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Binary Partners Perform “Holocaust Deniers Committing Suicide”

Binary Partners are at it again, with another dark trek into inner space. If you are interested in or attracted by Coil, Whitehouse, the noisy live performances of Boyd Rice, Throbbing Gristle, Nurse With Wound, or the darker moments of Brian Eno, you’re sure to be just as fascinated by the sinister audio experimentation of Binary Partners.

There is an album in the works that will be released digitally and on a limited-edition vinyl LP. Finishing touches, last-minute tweaks and other work is nearly complete. Stay tuned for more information on the LP and on future live events.

Binary Partners does not so much play live as carry out laboratory experiments on unsuspecting audiences and volunteer test subjects alike. If that interests you recreationally OR professionally, we urge you to continue monitoring this space.

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Binary Partners Perform “Dead Bodies At The Tunnel Club”

In any art tradition, there are pioneers. When it comes to avant-garde audio, sound experimentation, audio sculptures, ambient and early industrial music, the most important artists include Throbbing Gristle, John Cage, LaMonte Young, Monte Cazazza, and even ambient ground-breaker Brian Eno who described some of his work as being filled with “evil and doubt”.

That description certainly applies to Binary Partners, who explore the outer reaches of both to discover the unseen vistas in the space beyond. This Youtube clip is a live-in-the-studio performance art piece that officially kicks off a long journey to The Beyond. Whether that to you means death, other dimensions, or the ending of the Lucio Fulci movie of the same name remains to be seen.

Binary Partners are Esmeralda Trujillo and Joe Wallace, who live and create multimedia art and music in Chicago. Information on seeing and purchasing Binary Partners work is forthcoming.

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Binary Partners

We are forming.

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